I am a former ballerina. I had a terrific career, and was able to transition smoothly from performing to teaching. Most recently, I was working with a dream team of teachers at my dream job, living in a terrific city with tons of culture and energy.


Well, I believe John Lennon wrote, “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans,” and in my case, the birth of my second son proved to be a wake-up call. The big city we lived in- Boston- was barely affordable with one child, and now we had two. Furthermore, my husband was feeling more and more strongly that we needed to learn to live sustainably, and given the unpredictable nature of the world these days, I began to think he was right. Add in a couple of other factors, and even I had to very reluctantly agree that a move to the rural countryside so as to pursue a more sustainable lifestyle was the best idea.

Testing the Soil will hopefully be a chronicle of my (and our) impressions and experiences as we navigate the waters of sustainable living. We have joined a project whose aim is to not use fossil fuels- or to at least minimize their use. We grow our own food, utilize solar panels to provide electricity, cook over wood-burning stoves or with the sun, and are helping to build the house in which we will eventually live. The learning curve is pretty steep for some of the things we have to do, and as a former ballet dancer I am about as far away from bringing necessary skills to the project as others might be from a fouette turn. Everyday I find myself cautiously trying to adapt to this new lifestyle- testing the water (or in this case, the soil) to figure out if this is really something I can wholeheartedly embrace. Thanks for stopping by and listening to my stories about digging in the dirt, learning to light a fire and living so close to nature that the birds are deafening.

See you soon!